Datasets integrated

  • Eyes on Russia
  • In response to the conflict, the Centre for Information Resilience (CIR) launched the Eyes on Russia (EoR) project in January 2022. EoR aims to gather and verify media content related to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, providing access to verified information through a database and an interactive map. This project is valuable for journalists, NGOs, policymakers, and the public, offering insights into the conflict and its impact.

  • Civilian Harm
  • Another noteworthy project is the Civilian Harm in Ukraine (CH) TimeMap, which provides a descriptive record of incidents, including source links, precise location data, and descriptions based on visual evidence. The structured data provided by CH facilitates a better understanding of the impact of the conflict on Ukrainian civilians.

    Additional datasets used

  • Shelter Locations Khakiv
  • We used dataset about the shelters in Kharkiv and measured the distance of damaging events in Kharkiv to the nearest shelters.

    The Enriched and Integrated Dataset

  • The enriched dataset
  • The enriched datasets have been published on TriplyDB. Note that there are two versions. One up to April 2023, the latest one is up to December 2023.

  • The integrated dataset
  • The integrated dataset is only available upon request.